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Wanted: Genuine, Honest, Rule follower, with Awesome Boundaries, is Fun and likes people...... especially teenagers!

At MindFull... we are so tired of our minds being filled with needless stuff and meaningless words! because of that we just say it how it is.

We want that one in a million person to join our team. You know... that good person who is fun and kind, the one that knows when and how to say no, the one that knows rescuing people isn't helpful, the one that follows the policies but can still think on their feet, the one who can get their paperwork in on time, the one that loves teenagers and wants to be a role model, the one that understands how hard life can be and when yelled at understands and knows to step away, give space, and time. That rare person... that can do it all!


At MindFull, we work with rangatahi/youth, mums and families who need support at home with their mental health until they can get back on their feet.


Our staff are amazing people, a little like superhero's but commonly get called support workers. If you want to join our awesome team of good people, then fill in the form below!

Oh, we must warn you if you join us we will appreciate you and thank you and make sure you are paid and also ask you for your ideas at our weekly team meeting! Oh yeah and we make you upskill too. If you don't hold a Mental Health and Addictions Qualification it's a necessity to start it with us. (it's free)


If you press apply, be aware.... there is a bit of paperwork to do, so be prepared!

Wow!!  I think they pressed apply.... Exciting....

(Shhhhh.......act normal)

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